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What about you? Why do you run?

“I'm a jogger, I run to feel fit and healthy, to feel good;
good in my body, my head and my life!

It's that simple. Jogging at Decathlon is well-being running, by KALENJI”

In 2020, Jogging
at Decathlon is:

  • An opportunity 
    to reconnect 
    with yourself and 
    those around you 

  • Running at a 

  • A daily 

  • 1950

    Jogging first starts in New Zealand.
    People run to feel good, at the weekend and in their holidays.

  • 1967

    Jogging first starts in the USA.
    A team trainer and a cardiologist get interested in jogging.
    After a scientific study into running, they publish a method advocating the health benefits of such activity.

  • 1976

    The "America's Jogging Craze” involves around 25 million joggers in the USA.

    Once Decathlon opens its first store, the phenomenon arrives in France:

  • 2004

    Decathlon groups all running sports under its Kalenji gazelle horn brand, with the tagline "Find your rhythm, enjoy your run".

  • 2017

    Running sports segmented into 4 different entities, one of which is Jogging.
    We have now come full circle.

  • 13.02.2020

    The start of a new Kalenji chapter.

Joggers love nature –
at their own pace

We're protecting
their playground

We are
committed to:


2024 objective: 100% eco-designed textiles Quantities of eco-designed textiles sold
Since 2012 100 million recycled bottles Men's RUN DRY T-Shirt range


Long-lasting cushioning 1,000km guaranteed Women's V2 Comfort
More hardwearing fabric : 260 washes guaranteed Value price RUN DRY technical T shirt

Jogging shoes

We are
&We bring

Sports lingerie 

La lingerie sportive

Lingerie guaranteed
to deliver maximum
support 5/5

as bust weight can increase fivefold during a high impact physical activity.

Designed for
ALL women

lingerie adapted to suit all body types and all bust shapes, from A cups to H cups.

After 2 years of hard work,
the "COCOON+" will be
introduced in 2021

A 100% comfort

Une brassière 100% CONFORT

an easy-to-use front close and adjustment system

a pouch for breast implants

extra soft fabric

activity reduces
the risk
of relapse by

  • A bra for those gradually getting back
    en into sport after breast cancer
  • A co-design project with the
    Oscar Lambret Centre, a regional
    breast cancer organisation
  • 35 co-designers, all of whom are or have been
    breast cancer patients
  • 6 medical professionals
  • A project team of 6 Decathlonians
  • 15 resources employees



and events